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Allocation of an organ to a recipient must be governed by principles uf urgency and equity. According to EOEO agreement, no patient may appear simultaneously on a waiting list in more than one of the organizations, unless for exceptional clinical reasons. EOEO members are welcome to use the following form to contact patients and require their relevant statement.

Affidavit (Patient's statement)
Manual (How to procced)

Using: Entry of foreign subject in Waiting List for organ transplantation

Transplant center or dialysis center is indicating a patient to be entered as a potential recipient in the Waiting List for Organ Transplantation (WL).
On the basis of:

  • medical insurance code and/or
  • medical care insurance policy statement and/or
  • foreign medical records submitted by the patient and/or
  • birth/social insurance number and/or
  • personal data in his/her personal documents and/or
  • permanent residence in another country and/or
  • information from medical facility and/or
  • name of the patient and/or
  • other cause
    there is a reasonable supposition the patient may be a foreign national, and therefore might already be registered in another WL.
    Contact the indicating medical facilitywith the following questions:
    is medical care for this particular patient fully guaranteed and funded?
    does it include proper examination and follow-up relating to organ transplantation?
    can possible double listing be excluded?

Entry the patient in the WL
Post a copy of the Affidavit together with an accompanying explanatory letter to the patient`s address.
alternative a)
If duly signed form returns back : Attach the form to medical records.
alternative b)
If no answer within 7 days of the date of posting the letter: Check the address and send the form and letter again.
alternative c)
If un-signed form or negative reply returns: Inform the Director and proceed as instructed.

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