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h2. Welcome in COORENOR - WP7 Crossborder organ exchange!

h2. Welcome in  Crossborder organ exchange\!

*COORENOR - WP7 Crossborder organ exchange*
*Crossborder organ exchange*

COORENOR is a three-years Community Project of the European Commission. The  The main purpose of the Project is *to establish an on-line coordinated network of national organ donation and transplantation programs*. COORENOR will be aimed Project is  aimed at supporting coordination of activities of European countries with particular attention paid to international exchange of organs for transplantation. In Europe there are two well-established international exchange networks (Eurotransplant, Scandiatransplant) and several other incentives (ETN, EOEO, bilateral agreements), however the former serving mainly to their institutional members and the latter based on voluntary and ocassional utilisation. Therefore it is essential to set up a regular pan European platform to support systematically international organ exchange in the light of the Organ Directive 2010/53/EC.
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