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Welcome to the national page of Slovenia

Population: 2 052 800 (2010)
Territory: 20 273 km2   

Competent Authority address:

Zavod RS za presaditve organov in tkiv Slovenija-transplant
Institute fot Transplantation of Organs and Tissues of the Republic of Slovenia
Zaloška 7, SI-1000 Ljubljana


Office e-mail:

Director: prim. Danica Avsec, MD, councillor
Phone: +386 1 300 68 64

Contact to Coordination Office for Organ Exchange: non-stop 24/365

Phone. +386 41 713 220

International organ exchange: obligatorily through a national transplant network according to the Rules on the mode of integration with related foreign and international organizations and the exchange of human body parts with other countries

Recent news

Transplant Law:
System: Opt-out: Combination of Informed consent and Presumed consent

Transplant Activity: - Slovenija-transplant ET - ODEQUS - ETPOD - IRODAT - EUROCET - BMDW

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