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Welcome to the national page of Italy

Population: 60.649.262 ab. (February 2011)
Territory: 301 338 km2   

Competent Authority address:
Centro Nazionale Trapianti
Istituto Superiore di Sanita´
Viale Regina Elena, 299
00161 Roma
Office e-mail:  

Director: Alessandro Nanni Costa, MD.

Contact to Coordination Office for Organ Exchange: non-stop 24/365
Tel: + 39 331 68 54 290
Fax: +39 06 445 6798

Recent news

International organ exchange : individually
obligatorily through a national organization
Transplant Law: Law April 1st 1999, n.91 Disposizioni in materia di prelievi e di trapianti di organi e di tessuti. (Official Journal n. 87 April 15th 1999) (only in Italian)
System: Opt-out
Transplant Activity: - Annual Report - Transplant Newsletter - EUROCET - IRODaT ? Europe - Italy

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