Welcome to the Coorenor Application!

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Being here for the first time?

Welcome to the Coorenor Application and don´t hesitate to try it´s features!

The Coorenor Application consists of a workspace based on wiki principles (Atlassian Confluence) and database application for organ exchange coordination (based on VERSO platform).

Organ Exchange Application contains the core function: If a new organ offer/request has been added to the Organ Exchange Application by any member of the group (list of users being notified you can find in the section OEA called Manage users), you´ll be automaticly notified. A notification contains an organ detail with contacts. 

Coorenor Application offers more than alerts. Wiki section enables one place for teams to collaborate: create, share, and discuss ideas, files, minutes, specs and best practices. Atlassian Confluence is the Enterprise Wiki: it is used for intranets, knowledge management and documentation by over 10,700 organisations in 108 countries around the globe - across Fortune 1000, government, education, finance and technology sectors.

The workspace consists of these pages:

  • Home page: An intuitive guidepost - now with basic information about activities and outcomes of the WP 7
  • International: Includes a guidepost to legislative survey, best practices, financing. Information is common to every country.
  • National: National page of each participant of the project, your country is editable.
  • Discussion Forum: Adding topics, comments, replying to other comments, optional e-mail notification
  • Links: Editable survey of useful links to national organization for coordinating transplantation
  • Events: Calendar of various events (project events, educational events, conferences...) with information about place, date and programme.

We recommend you to change your password immediately after you first log in. 

a) in the wiki: click on your name > Profile > Password.
b) in the OEA: click on "Change password" link in the upper right corner of the screen.

Learn more about news, users etc. in the Help & FAQ section!

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